Thursday, October 18, 2012

How To Back Up Your Computer- 6 Ways To Back Up Files

There is nothing more frustrating than losing your important information due to a virus on your computer or worse a robbery! Backing up your data is essential but there are many that just don't understand how. But first the reasons you should definitely back up your files should be obvious. They are hard to replace.....

What Should I Backup?

We store information on our computer all of the time, we have precious pictures, passwords, emails,receipts not to mention our music collect or iTunes! Have I said enough here?

Ways To Back Up Your Computer

There are several ways to back up your computer. You can use the built in (internal) back up system on your computer by going to the lower left (start) icon and putting "back up" in the search bar or going into
 Back Up by clicking  start >control panel >system tools >maintenance>back up.
  1. External Hard drive
  2. DVD-R
  3. CD-R
  4. USB
  5. Online Back up Service
The first 4 are devices that can also become lost. However the online database can be access from another computer which can prove to be more beneficial.

Back up your most important files online. The other devices do have their place and are rather convenient when used properly.

Example. Why carry your computer around when you can store the same information on a flash drive?

How To Back Up Your Computer To An External Hard Drive

Nothing is better than peace of mind. Backing up your computer is a wise choice everytime you have important information to protect. Make the best choice to back up your short term or long term data.
Decide which one will give you the security you need. For those that are not computer savvey or this is too elaborate you can always chose and online back up service that can teach you how to back up your computer.

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