Wednesday, March 16, 2011

X Box 360 Repair- Fix The 3 Red Light Error

If you own an Xbox 360, or know someone who does, you’ve probably heard of the notorious 3 red lights of death. This is when 3 of the 4 normally green lights turn red when you power up the console. The Xbox 360’s 3 red lights signify that a general hardware failure has occurred, and that the machine is completely inoperable.

I feel like somewhat of an expert on this subject now, following my own run-in with the 3 red lights on my own Xbox 360 a few weeks ago. And when you consider that as many as 35% of all Xbox 360s will fail at some point in their lives, there must be thousands more like me out there.

The reason I’m writing about it is that I think I may have stumbled onto something other people in my position may find very useful.

I was running a search on Google for the Xbox 360 3 red lights, and while I was sifting my way through the mostly unhelpful results, I found The James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro. It immediately struck me as something different, mainly because the developers offered a guarantee that within 2 hours I would be able to get rid of the Xbox 360 3 red lights.

None of the other websites I investigated had such confidence, so I looked a little deeper.
I also noticed that The James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro was accompanied by comprehensive video tutorials, which visually demonstrated every step of the fix to rid your Xbox 360 of those 3 red lights.

The more I read, the more convinced I became. So I tried it for myself. I probably wouldn’t have, but with the guarantee that it would work within 2 hours, what did I have to lose?

Anyway, I went for it, tried it, and guess what? Yep, my Xbox 360’s 3 red lights are history. And just like the developers of The James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro promised, they were gone within 2 hours and I was back to my gaming.

When you consider the alternatives to The James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro (performing dangerous self-fixes with soldering irons, waiting 8 weeks for Microsoft to return your console, etc.) the choice seems simple.

If you want to rid your Xbox 360 of those 3 red lights and be gaming again in less than two hours, I highly recommend you do just what I did – try The James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro. If it doesn’t work, you have the guarantee to fall back on. Surely it’s worth a shot, when you consider the crappy alternatives. Avoid the costly, unrealistic, and slow methods, and fix your Xbox 360 the only way experts suggest  PS 3 LIGHTS FIX .

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