Friday, July 1, 2011

Ergonomic Computer Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chair - High Back Mesh Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair - BT-6001-GYBK-GGWhen sitting at a computer all day it is so important to protect your core assets, your back and body from stress. An Ergonomic Computer Chair is what most people end up purchasing to protect their bodies.

 Did you know that a chair like this is very helpful for people that what to maintain a healthy back muscles and prevent body pain, but already exercise.

Ergo Ball Exercise Wii Erogonomic Office ChairIf you are someone that does not exercise very much and could use some core muscle therapy get an exercise ball instead.

Another great seat that can help you support your core muscles is the ergonomic kneeling chair. It could possible be the best computer chair to protect your back from pain.

Wood Kneeling Office Chair - Black It forces you to use and exercise your back muscles. You will maintain the perfect curvature of your spine with your hips forward with knees behind taking all pressure and stress off of your back.

Friday, June 24, 2011

How To Find A Good Computer Repair Person

Upgrading and Fixing Computers Do-it-Yourself For DummiesFinding a computer repair shop is like finding a piece of hay in a hay stack! They are everywhere. But finding a good Computer Repair Person that is deserving of our trust and money is the problem. You may have already thought about repairing your computer yourself! 

What Is The Best Way To Find A Good Computer Repair Person?

  1. The best way is to ask your friends about their computer repair experiences. See who they go to when there is a problem with their computer device. Go to the library and see if a computer instructor can turn you in the right directions.
  2. Always ask for references from the repair persons you plan to use.
  3. Go to craigslist and see who is sticking around for at least a few months and still get references.
  4. Check online for repair people in your area. Look around to see if there is big business going on. If they have been in one location for a while this is a good sign. If they are not busy this is a bad sign.
  5. College or HS students are also very knowledgeable with computers. Ask a family member if they are skilled in computer repair.
How to find a good computer repair technician will take time at first, but don't stop with one number, get at least 3. You will be surprise how important the other numbers are when you guy or gal is unavailable. You will find one to be more skilled , and the other to be faster and finally one will be less expensive.

You may have to pay a greater expensive because the more skilled person is unable to help you when your in  need. Options will keep you and your computer running and in business. You never know you may even start collecting finders fees or discounts from your referrals. View full article.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

XBox 360 Steering Wheel Review by Andrew Z "Zman"

Xbox 360 Wireless Racing WheelThe xbox 360 steer wheel is a blast! I was already addicted to Forza 2 and was moving steadily up in my career with the regular game controller. With xbox racing wheel (and pedals), I'm moving up even faster than before and the experience is dizzying - literally.

 I have my setup about 3 feet from a 50" plasma and the feedback of the wheel is so realistic that I was getting odd dizzy effects when going in and out of tight corners because my body was expecting to feel real world forces from the seat against my back and sides - and they of course were missing.

Make no mistake, this isn't a bad thing - its a testament to the realistic feedback of the xbox steering wheel. You feel everything - understeer, oversteer, grass, jerks when flying from grass back onto the pavement.

Race OnPrior to this wheel, I always detested driving the big American cars like the Camero or Corvette because they were so difficult to control with the normal controller - they would constantly slide out and wag back and forth because there was no feel. Last night I nailed several races with both these cars because I was finally able to control the car through power slides and oversteers.

 Xbox 360 Steering Wheel Setup

Setup was easy. Though the manual says a system upgrade was needed, I did not find this to be the case. The wheel paired up instantly and I started driving in Forza 2 immediately. The only thing I had to figure out was how to change the camera view (I like the in-car view) because they moved it from RT to X on this controller.

I found a chair with a sloped back on it, put a lumbar pillow in place and just rested the wheel on my legs. Surprisingly it stays in place well though you'll want to wear a pair of jeans. At first, the pedals kept sliding forward on my carpet causing me to crash a couple times. I finally placed them on one of my wife's yoga mats and its been fine since.

Only Problem With The Xbox 360 Steering Wheel

The only beef I still have is that in intense situations the wheel moves around a bit. I may look for a small table to mount the wheel. Also note that the "in the lap" setup makes it impossible to drive with mostly straight arms like the pros. I end up sliding the wheel forward so that its just barely hanging on to the end of my knees so that I can straighten my arms more.

One last piece of advice: don't make the mistake I did and select the McClaren F1 (or similar super car) as your first drive and expect to see a big change. You'll still be all over the place on the road. Work your way up and learn the controller because the turning radius takes some time to learn. Once you do, you'll be amazed.

Xbox 360 Steering Wheel Pros and Cons

Xbox 360 Wheel Pros:
- Realistic feel, improved times, better control over rear wheel muscle cars
- Trivial setup
- High quality materials

Xbox 360 Wheel Cons:
- minor: Pedals slide without some kind of mat

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

X Box 360 Repair- Fix The 3 Red Light Error

If you own an Xbox 360, or know someone who does, you’ve probably heard of the notorious 3 red lights of death. This is when 3 of the 4 normally green lights turn red when you power up the console. The Xbox 360’s 3 red lights signify that a general hardware failure has occurred, and that the machine is completely inoperable.

Fix The PS3 Flashing 3 Red Light Error- How to fix it! by Rob Sheffield

Is your PS3 flashing red? Would you like to know how to fix this immediately? Well, for your benefit, we have some tips which you could fix PS3 right away, right below. If these don't work, try our alternative option, which is guaranteed to work!
1. Check if there's a loose cable. If not, restart your console.
2. Unplug all cables except the power cord, and plug them back in.
3. If that didn't work, then try to take out the hard-drive, and put it back in.
None of these tips work for you? Is your PS3 flashing red still? I think it is time to send your PS3 to Sony; however this will come at a great cost to you. This is because they:
1. Take $150 out of your pocket, even when it is a mechanical error on their part
2. Take up to 6 weeks to fix the PS3 Flashing Red Light Problem
3. Make sure that all data on the PS3 is WIPED OFF!
And I am positively sure that you don't want all your music and data wiped off the hard drive entirely?!
Well, lucky for you, we have a second option, which to many seems like the perfect solution. And this solution involves using a trustworthy PS3 repair guide that will fix the PS3 flashing red light problem! The reasons why using a guide over Sony is better is because:
1. No need to fork out $150 in repair fees
2. No need to wait 6 weeks for repairs
3. It's safe, quick and easy
4. You can recover all your info

I highly recommend this method and I know that you would like your PS3 up and running NOW? Well, you can! Simply visit PS3 LIGHTS FIX and get your PS3 up and running in no time!

About the Author

Rob Sheffield Is An Expert In Repairing PS3's!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mobile Computer Services- Yes We Can Fix It! Don't Get Mad!!! Get Help!

When your having a problem with your personal laptop or network computer you don't have time to mess around with people who are not knowledgeable and don't care about your time.